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During American Idol's off seasons, fans are bored to death, especially those who are inclined to gambling. It has been a practice of reality shows' fanatics to make a gambling game out of the results of the episodes. But in between seasons, American Idol fans have nothing to gamble on, good thing there is Rockstar Supernova.

Rockstar Supernova is like American Idol where people vote for their favorite contestants. But in American Idol, the contestant who got the least vote goes home automatically, while in Rockstar Supernova, the judges have the final say. This makes the gambling dynamics of the show different from that of the American Idol's.

If you are a gambling player who is interested to bet on the results of Rockstar Supernova, there are certain things you must learn and remember. You have to religiously follow the show because a lot can pick up a lot of things you can use for future bets from previous episodes. This is because the judges, Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark and Jason Newstead may base their decision not entirely on the current performance of the contestants but on the whole performance record of the contestants for the whole season instead.

Gambling players must be aware about the personal favorites of the judges. Of course they have their favorites, because the winner of this contest will get to join them in their new band. It would be helpful for gambling players to note that ever since the start of the season, the judges are impressed with Dilana, the contestant from South Africa. If a gambling player will ask for my opinion, I would tell that gambling player to put his money on Dilana and no one else.

It would also be helpful for gambling players to watch not only the performance episodes but also the reality episodes, where they can get to know the contestants more. Gambling players must remember that the judges are basing their vote not only on the performance alone, but also on the attitude of the contestants. In the performance episodes, the judges sometimes say which personality they like most, so gambling players may take hints from that.

Browsing the Rockstar Supernova Forums will also be a great help for gambling players. In these forums, gambling players may get fresh news about the contestants which they can use in their decision making. For example, last week, it was discussed in the forums that Phil was not really dedicated to the Supernova band. From there, gambling players would have gotten a clue that Phil will be the next to go, because obviously, the judges would not like that. And they didn't, so Phil was sent home last week.


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